Why Living In Cincinnati Is Awesome

Local Junk Removal Owners Top 9 Reasons Why They Love Living in Cincinnati

At All In 1 Junk Removal & Hauling, we’re head over heels for Cincinnati and consider it the bee’s knees.

After making the move from southern California and having time to experience living in Cincinnati for a while now, we’ve decided to come up with some of the things that have stood out to us living here in Cincinnati.

In fact, we loved the exercise so much, that we decided we’d whip up a top 9 list of reasons why anyone pondering a move to the area should hop on the bandwagon. 

So, kick back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the read!

Affordable cost of living:

Cincinnati has a lower cost of living than many other major metropolitan areas, making it an attractive option for people looking to stretch their dollars. Cincinnati is one of those rare cities that’ll make you feel like a millionaire even if you’re on a budget. It’s like a treasure trove of affordable living, where your dollar goes a long way.

If you’re looking for a city that won’t empty your pockets quicker than a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, Cincinnati is your ticket to thrifty living! According to Numbeo’s cost of living index, Cincinnati is cheaper than most other cities in the US, with an index of 82.74 compared to the national average of 100. It’s as if the city is saying, “Hey, why waste all your dough on boring living expenses when you can have a blast and live it up?”

Housing in Cincinnati is so affordable, you’ll think you’ve stumbled upon a secret society of budget-friendly living. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is a mere $900 per month (Feb 2023 is the date we wrote this), making it easier to save up for that trip to the moon you’ve been dreaming of. 

And don’t even get us started on groceries, transportation, and utilities. They’re cheaper in Cincinnati than in most other cities too! Just remember, the cost of living in Cincinnati may vary depending on your spending habits. 

But, with all the money you’ll save, you can treat yourself to some well-deserved splurges.

Proximity to major cities:

Cincinnati is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Not only is it a fantastic city in its own right, but it’s also conveniently located within a stone’s throw (or a day’s drive) of several major metropolitan areas. That’s right, you can hop in your car and be sipping a cappuccino in Chicago, chowing down on a coney dog in Detroit, cheering on the Colts in Indianapolis, or tapping your feet to bluegrass in Louisville before you can say “road trip!” 

So, if you love exploring new cities and soaking up new cultures, Cincinnati is the perfect home base.

Strong economy:

Cincinnati is like the jack-of-all-trades of cities when it comes to the economy. It’s got big-time corporations like the Fortune 500 hanging out and industries like healthcare, retail, and logistics keeping things lively. Plus, with a lively startup scene and tech-savvy community, Cincinnati is also a hub for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. 

And the cherry on top? 

The cost of living is chill, the workforce is smarty pants, and the business environment is all about supporting each other. Basically, it’s a win-win for companies big and small. Hence, one of the big reasons we started our Junk Removal Company here.

Great food and drink:

Cincinnati is a culinary carnival, where German, Eastern European, and Southern flavors come together in a mouth-watering mélange. Here’s a rundown of the city’s most legendary eats and drinks:

  • Cincinnati-style chili: Spaghetti meets meaty, spicy goodness and a shower of cheddar cheese and oyster crackers.
  • Skyline Chili: Cincinnati’s most famous chili purveyor, where the chili is king (and queen, prince, and duchess).
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream: A family-owned ice creamery that’s been serving handcrafted, small-batch, and big flavors for 140 years.
  • LaRosa’s Pizza: A local pizzeria known for its gooey, thick, and delicious pies.
  • Montgomery Inn Ribs: Slow-cooked ribs that have been a Cincinnati classic for 60+ years.
  • Cincinnati-style Beer: The city’s beer scene is a brewing wonder, with local craft breweries whipping up unique and flavorful suds.
  • Goetta: A German-inspired breakfast dish that combines ground meat, steel-cut oats, and spices.


Whether you’re a foodie, hungry hiker, or just love a good meal, Cincinnati has a dish for every taste bud!

Abundant culture and history:

The Cincinnati Art Museum is the place to be for all you art aficionados out there! With an impressive collection spanning 6000 years of human creativity, you’ll find everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces. Whether you’re into paintings, sculptures, textiles, or photography, the Cincinnati Art Museum has got you covered. And the best part? 

Admission is free, so you can indulge in all the art your heart desires without breaking the bank.

And if you’re looking for a museum experience that’s out of this world, the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is the place for you! This multi-museum complex has everything from history to science, with hands-on exhibits and a giant OMNIMAX theater that’ll blow your mind. It’s all housed in a historic train station that’s a National Historic Landmark, so you can enjoy a little history with your learning. And the best part? Hamilton County residents get in for free, so you can explore all three museums without opening your wallet. 

Talk about a museum trifecta!

Recreational opportunities:

Cincinnati Nature Center: A wild and wonderful world waiting to be going to the park is like giving your soul a big ol’ hug. It’s a chance to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, and forget about all the worries of the world for a little while. Whether you’re into taking a leisurely stroll, playing a pickup game of frisbee, or having a picnic with friends, there’s something for everyone at the park.

Plus, think about all the cool new friends you’ll make. You’ll meet other park-goers who are just as happy to be there as you are, and who knows, maybe you’ll even bump into a squirrel or two! They’re the original park enthusiasts, and they’re always down for a good time.

So don’t let another day go by without treating yourself to some fun in the sun (or the shade, or the rain, or whatever the weather’s like). Get out to your local park and let the good times roll!

Cincinnati has some amazing parks that provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life like the Cincinnati Nature Center, the scenic and serene Ault Park, and the outdoor-adventure-filled Alms Park.


Sports lovers rejoice! 

Get ready to cheer on the Cincinnati Reds and the Bengals in this sports-lovin’ city! 

With baseball in the summer and football in the fall, there’s never a dull moment in this town. 

And the fans? 

Well, let’s just say they bring their A-game when it comes to showing support for their home teams. 

So hoist the colors, put on that oversized novelty foam fingers, grab some peanuts and cracker jacks, and join in on the fun at Great American Ball Park and Paycor Stadium!


Well, buckle up kids, because Cincinnati is one smart cookie! 

With top-notch universities like the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University, you’ll find enough brainpower here to make your head spin. 

But don’t worry, there are also plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning, with top-ranked schools and diverse programs ranging from STEM to the arts. And let’s not forget about the delicious academic spread of public, private, and charter options, so you can have your education any way you like it! Whether you’re just starting out or going back for seconds, Cincinnati has something for every appetite for knowledge.

b, Lancaster is the number one place to live in 2022! That’s right, number one! WalletHub analyzed safety, affordability, quality of life, economic health, and education in small cities across the US, and Lancaster came out on top! It’s like winning the lottery, but without all the money.

And Lancaster isn’t just resting on its safety laurels. The city is dedicated to making sure everyone, young and old, feels included and secure. The Age-Friendly City Action Plan was implemented in 2021, which works to ensure neighborhoods are inclusive of people of all ages. This program is developed from the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Framework, and it’s pretty amazing if you ask us.

Plus, if you want a quieter living experience, the suburbs surrounding Lancaster City offer even safer communities. So, come and experience Lancaster’s safety and all that it has to offer!

Access to healthcare:

Hey, let’s face it, we’re all getting older whether we like it or not and eventually we’ll need to call in the big guns, aka a top-notch healthcare system, to keep us kicking.

Cincinnati has got a sick healthcare scene that’ll knock your socks off. The city is home to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, aka the hotshot of Ohio’s healthcare world. This place is so good, it’s consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the state! So if you ever find yourself in need of some medical attention, you can trust that you’re in good hands in Cincinnati.

Conclusion To Why Living In Cincinnati Is Awesome

And there you have it folks! Cincinnati has a little something for everyone, from delicious food and drinks to rich history and cultural attractions, to top-notch healthcare and a thriving economy. Not to mention the sports scene, the breathtaking parks, and the outstanding education system.

So why did we only give you 9 reasons? Well, we like to do things a little differently around here. We wanted to show you why we at All In 1 Junk Removal and Demo LLC love this city so much and why we started our business here.

So pack up your bags, grab a bowl of Cincinnati-style chili, and come join us in the Queen City!