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Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by our website. 

My name is Lawrence, family man, remover of all things junk, and the owner and operator of All In 1 Junk Removal

All In 1 became an idea that popped into my head after making several moves here in Cincinnati and Covington Kentucky area. After dealing with large-scale junk removal and hauling companies in the area I quickly realized just how inconvenient and difficult it was to have my items relocated and leftover junk removed.

Know what else?

I was shocked to see just how expensive it was to have just a few items hauled away! 

I was already into the idea of building a business to fulfill a need in our community, and of course supporting my growing family was always my #1 priority. 

My family gave me the motivation to make “junk removal” more than just that. 

You see, when you call one of those large 1-800 companies or national chains, their entire goal is to go through large numbers of customers very quickly. They spend an immense amount of money on advertising and they have to recoup those costs.

How do they do it?

With high-priced junk removal services. 

You don’t get any of that with us. 

I also found that those large companies also didn’t want to deal with bigger and odd jobs.

With our company, things are different.

You get a more “personal” experience and we are much easier to work with. Being a local family-owned business, we are able to keep prices affordable.  

So, if you find yourself in needing a few items hauled of and thrown away or you are in need of a junk removal company ready to handle a large scale property clean up, we are here to handle it for you.

Get in contact with us today!