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Same-Day Service

Same-day removal means no waiting around to regain space! Our fast service makes sure any unwanted items are quickly collected for disposal, giving immediate relief from clutter and stress.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Eco-friendly disposal means taking great care in protecting the planet while decluttering your space. By recycling or donating unwanted items when possible, we reduce landfill waste and make an impactful statement about global sustainability.

Donation assistance

Donation assistance allows you to give back while clearing space in your home or office. Our team can assist with identifying items suitable for donation and arrange their pickup, making it simple for you to support worthy causes with every item donated.

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Here's A Small Sample Of Our Junk Removal Services In Terrance Park, OH

We Take Everything - All-In-1 Junk Removal & Demo

Basic Junk Removal

All-in-1 Junk Removal And Demo has been serving Terrance Park and nearby areas by swiftly and reliably clearing away bulk trash and items from homes, leaving behind organized and clutter-free spaces for relaxation. Our skilled crew knows just how to keep things neat!

Commercial Junk Removal

Our commercial junk removal services cater to individual homes and businesses in Terrance Park, ensuring clean and organized workspaces. From pallets to large desks, we handle it all, providing timely and efficient commercial junk removal.

Furniture Removal

All-in-1 Junk Removal And Demo is renowned for providing efficient bulk trash and item removal services, including furniture removal. Our specialists transport unwanted furniture away, leaving your space clutter-free for your enjoyment.

Old Appliances

Getting rid of old appliances can be a hassle, but rest easy knowing our expert team has all the safety measures in place to dispose of them safely, leaving room for newer ones without worry.

Small Demo Work

Do you have bulky items like an old hot tub, shed, or trampoline taking up valuable space in your yard in Terrance Park? Our crew can help! Whether it’s a small or large demolition project, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax, and let us do all the heavy lifting and breaking down of these items; once they’re gone, you’ll appreciate having more room in your yard!

Move Out Clean Outs

Moving can be stressful, but All-in-1 Junk Removal And Demo makes the transition easy. From evictions to estate cleanouts, our experienced team handles these tasks carefully and efficiently to ensure a smooth transition for you. With enough manpower and equipment to quickly complete large-scale cleanouts, trust us to get the job done quickly.


Have old electronics taken over your space, taking up valuable real estate and collecting dust? All-In-1 Junk Removal And Demo can assist in recycling or disposing of them responsibly to help preserve the environment while freeing up space in your home. Our team ensures that these electronic items are recycled or discarded responsibly to help the planet while making space available in your home for other items that have more use for you or are no longer in good working order.

Mattress Removal

All-In-1 Junk Removal And Demo is here to help. Our team will efficiently dispose of it eco-friendly so that your bedroom becomes clutter-free once again.

What Makes Us Different From Other Terrance Park Junk Removal Services?

At All-In-1, we pride ourselves on being a licensed and insured junk removal company serving Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide a level of service that rivals even the largest franchises, while still maintaining the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a local small-town business. Established in June 2022, we have quickly become a trusted name in the industry.

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Here Are The Steps You Will Take When You Contact Us...

Step 1: Call Us

Let us help you clear out your clutter! We'll work with your schedule to determine a convenient date and two-hour window for removing all that unwanted junk.

Step 3: We Schedule You

Our professional junk removal team will contact you 15 minutes prior to their arrival, ensuring that you are prepared and ready for the service.

Step 3: FREE Quote

Let us make your unwanted items a thing of the past with a FREE quote! Once you agree with our competitive prices, we'll take care of that junk and get rid of it for good.

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Edliza Mendez capellan
Edliza Mendez capellan
Very nice guys, everything on time and very helpful his advise
Heather Mack
Heather Mack
Would definitely recommend this company for your junk removal needs . They were great !
Cynthia marx
Cynthia marx
Amazing!!!!!!! 10 of 10 recommend!!! They came and
Terry Waterman
Terry Waterman
Very professional, nice guys price decent,
Nicola Caldwell
Nicola Caldwell
I needed my basement cleaned out and All in 1 Junk Removal was able to do it on very short notice including demo of wood and metal cabinetry. They were fast, thorough, and reasonably priced as well as pleasant. Will definitely use them again.
Brad Bick
Brad Bick
All in 1 Junk Removal did a fantastic job cleaning out my storage unit. I would highly recommend them!
Vergie Tauceda
Vergie Tauceda
Showed up on time, not crazy expensive and professional.
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson
Picked up within a few hours of calling. Amazing job! Will use again!
Antwain Jones
Antwain Jones
I rented out a 20 yd dumpster for a week. They was there on time. now when I need a dumpster Rental or some junk removal, They will be my go to guys.
Aaron Maddox
Aaron Maddox
I had a wonderful experience with this company when I ordered a trailer dumpster. The price was reasonable, the delivery was on time and the owner was professional. I highly recommend there service. No hidden cost or extra fees associated with the purchase price.
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