Declutter Your Garage

Reclaim Your Garage: Tips for Decluttering and Maximizing Space

Get Your Car In Your Garage AgainWhy Aren’t You Park in Your Garage? Let’s Fix That!

Have you noticed how your garage has slowly turned into a storage unit instead of somewhere to park your car?

You aren’t alone – according to a survey conducted by Wall Street Journal and Home Innovation Research Labs, 93% of homeowners use their garages for storage rather than car parking!

Yes, storage first, parking second.

Why are we all doing this?

Garages have become the go-to spot for items that don’t quite fit inside of a home – holiday decorations, old furniture pieces and items labelled with the tag “I might use this someday”.

Before long, your car ends up sitting outside in the driveway while your garage becomes overstuffed with clutter.

What if there was a way to reclaim that space and park your car inside?

Let’s discuss some tips and techniques to maximize your garage!

Step 1: Reduce Clutter

To start things off right, it’s essential that your garage be decluttered thoroughly.

Go through each item in your garage and ask yourself “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, it may be time to let some items go; and that’s where All in One Junk Removal and Demo comes in; we are here to help with hauling away those unwanted items so you can start fresh.

Once your junk is cleared away, the next step should be organization. Consider investing in smart storage solutions like shelving units, pegboards, and bins that will help to keep things tidy yet accessible – label each bin so you know exactly where everything resides! Pro Tip: Keep track of where each thing resides!

No Room For A CarStep 2: Design Zones

Consider your garage a mini-warehouse, and designate individual zones for various activities.

Need some work space?

Consider setting up a workbench and keeping tools close by, while outdoor gear such as bikes, camping gear, and sports equipment will require dedicated spots where everything has a home. By creating zones, everything will have its place – helping avoid chaotic garage conditions!

Step 3: Maximize Vertical Space

Don’t neglect the walls!

Utilizing hooks and racks can help maximize vertical space by suspending items like bikes, ladders and garden tools from them for safekeeping while freeing up valuable floor space for your car.

Step 5: Maintain Regular Maintenance

Finally, be sure to maintain regular garage maintenance. Don’t allow your garage to become another dumping ground again by setting an alert reminder every few months to tidy up – every effort goes a long way towards keeping it functional and uncluttered!

Why It Matters

Park your car in the garage not only to protect it from the elements but also add an additional layer of security – plus be the envy of your neighbors with its clean and orderly appearance.

Imagine having peace of mind knowing exactly where everything is stored. Imagine knowing your car can always find its proper spot!

Are you ready, Cincinnati?

Now’s the time to reclaim your garage!

And remember – All in One Junk Removal and Demo is only one phone call away; our friendly staff will assist with whatever lifting may be necessary – whether that be just one item or the entire garage clean-out process!

Have a blast creating cleaner and more organized garages – and happier homes!

Keep your space organized with help from All in One Junk Removal and Demo Team.