No Surprises, Just Clear Prices

Understanding Residential Junk Removal Costs

Ever felt like you’re in for a surprise after hiring a service?

Yeah, that’s the ol’ bait-and-switch trick. You think you’re getting a steal of a deal, but then bam, the price skyrockets.

At All In 1 Junk Removal & Demo, we’re all about keeping it real. No hidden fees, no shady business.

With us, just give us a quick call and we can get down to business. We give you a rough idea of what your junk removal might cost based on how much stuff you’ve you tell that you got. 

But wait, we do take it a step further!

We’ll send our pros over for a free estimate. They’ll check out your pile and give you the lowdown on what it’ll cost.

Oh, and will be completely honest and upfront about those surcharges—extra fees for stuff like tires and mattresses. We gotta cover our disposal costs somehow!

Our pricing?

It’s simple: the more junk, the more it’ll cost.

From a mini-load to a truckload, we’ve got options. But don’t worry, we’re not here to upsell you. We just want to give you a fair deal and get the job done right.

Sometimes we team up with special sales here in town for charities and such that will end up being a sweet deal.

But before you jump on it, make sure your pile matches the deal size. We’ll still swing by for an estimate, no strings attached. If your junk’s bigger than the deal, we’ll break it down for you and give you a separate quote. No pressure, no funny business—just upfront pricing.

Look, we get it. It’s hard to give an exact price without seeing the junk in person. That’s why we offer free on-site estimates. 

Sure, we’ll try to give you a ballpark figure over the phone, but nothing beats a hands-on assessment.

Got questions? Give us a call. We’ll have someone that will be happy to take your call and answer your questions.

And hey, for a sneak peek into potential costs, check out our contact page and email form.

We’re here to demystify junk removal and make sure you’re not left scratching your head.