Why Free Junk Removal Doesn't Exist

The reality behind why there is no free junk removal services in Cincinnati

At All-in-1 Junk Removal & Demo, people often ask if we offer free junk removal. Some folks are a bit bummed when they find out it’s not really a thing.

But, we want to explain why there’s no such thing as a totally free service, even though some folks might think otherwise. Let’s break down why a truly free service isn’t really possible.

Why Free Junk Removal is a No-Go

Insurance Coverage: Every legit junk removal business, including ours at All-in-1 Junk Removal & Demo, has insurance. We’ve got it for our team, our vehicles, and the business itself. If you ever need proof of our insurance, just ask, and we’ll provide you with a copy.

Dumping and Recycling Costs: We’re big on recycling to help the environment. But here’s the thing – recycling some items actually costs us money. Things like tires, TVs, and certain appliances come with extra recycling expenses. Could we save money by dumping them cheaper elsewhere? Probably. However, we’re committed to keeping as much as we can out of landfills. Some shady junk removal companies illegally dump in places like alleys, hurting the environment and causing headaches for those who have to clean up the mess.

Charitable Donations: We love helping our customers contribute to local charities. Donating items takes extra effort and time from our end, but it’s something we’re glad to do. If we donate items on your behalf, we’ll make sure to send you a receipt for your tax deductions.

Transportation Expenses: Keeping our vehicles safe, well-maintained, and insured costs money – from regular maintenance to gas. When you contact All-in-1 Junk Removal & Demo, you can trust that we’ll roll up in a clean, clearly marked, and professional junk removal truck.

Skilled Team Members: We only hire professional junk removal technicians at All-in-1 Junk Removal & Demo. Our hiring process involves screenings, state and federal background checks, drug testing, and thorough interviews – all geared toward ensuring the safety of our customers. These processes may add to our costs, but they’re crucial for delivering top-notch service.


Some "Free" Junk Removal Services In Cincinnati

When you want to get rid of stuff for free, there are a few ways, but they need some effort.

You can offer things on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for free. Just know, this means strangers might come to your home to pick up the items. If you’re okay with that, it’s an option. 

Another way is to give useful items to places like The Salvation Army Thrift Store & Donation Center or St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and Donation Center here in Cincinnati. 

But, you have to load the items in a truck (yours or a friend’s) and take them there yourself. If you have the time and help, go for it!

Affordable Junk Removal In Cincinnati

You might not like hearing this, but there’s no such thing as free junk removal in Cincinnati.

However, at All-In-1 Junk Removal & Demo, we’re here to assist you in hauling away your unwanted items at really reasonable prices.

What We Do: We’re a local company called All-In-1 Junk Removal & Demo, and our goal is to help you reclaim your space! We’re locally owned and operated, and we can handle various jobs, from removing brushes to entire cleanouts, and even simple curbside junk pick-up. Our crews take on the tough jobs that others won’t, and we get things done! Plus, we’re eco-friendly – we reuse, recycle, or donate over 60% of the items we haul away.

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We hope we’ve given you valuable info on why free junk removal isn’t a thing, and we look forward to serving YOU soon!