Mastering Garage Organization

19 DIY Tips to Declutter and Maximize Space

Garage Organization For Your Car

Taming the Garage Chaos: A Hands-On Guide

If your car is a prized possession, why subject it to the elements? Storing it in the garage not only protects it from the harsh outdoors but also adds years to its life. Let’s embark on a garage transformation journey with some quirky DIY ideas and straightforward steps.

Decluttering Drama:

Organizing pros estimate only 30% of us actually store our cars in the garage. Why? Too much stuff. Grab a weekend, invite friends, and let the decluttering commence.

  • Full Day Extravaganza: Set aside a day, or even a weekend, for the grand garage cleanse.

  • Family Fiesta: Turn decluttering into a family project. Friends can join the fun too.

  • Dig Deep: Explore every nook, unpack those forgotten boxes, and separate items into keep, donate/sell, and toss piles.

What Not to Store:

For safety’s sake, there are things your garage shouldn’t host:

  • Paint Stash: Extreme temperatures can ruin it. Find a cooler spot.

  • Propane Party: Propane tanks belong outdoors. A spark in the garage? Not cool.

  • Paper Pests: Bugs love paper goods. Move them to the pantry.

  • Refrigerator Reality: Fridges are energy hogs in non-air-conditioned spaces. Keep them indoors.

  • Pet Food Predicament: Seal it tight; critters have a keen sense of smell.

Safety First:

With lawnmower gas lurking, be fire-ready:

  • Fire Extinguisher: A 5 to 10-pounder with an ABC rating will be your garage superhero.

  • CO Detector: Just in case. You know, for that extra peace of mind.

  • Garage Door Guardian: Ensure your opener has an auto-stop feature, because pets and kids can be sneaky.

Cheap Tricks for Garage Bliss:

  1. Floor Plan Finesse: Sketch your garage layout before diving into organizing.

  2. Off the Ground: Elevate storage to free up space. Shelving units on legs work wonders.

  3. Storage Must-Haves: Clear jars, clear-plastic bins, lockable cabinets, and a label maker – your storage arsenal.

  4. Open Shelves Rule: Shelves beat closed cabinets. No hiding, no mess. Keep it open, keep it neat.

Maximize Vertical Space:

Explore pegboards, track-based systems, or panelized systems. Make the most of every inch.

Hang Stuff Overhead:

Ceiling space is prime real estate. Hang long, flat items overhead, and ensure they don’t tango with your garage door.

DIY Workbench Wisdom:

A fold-down workbench for the casual DIYer or a sturdy worktable flanked by shelves for the pro. Add a touch of mobility with casters.

Seal and Secure:

  • Air Leaks: Seal gaps to keep your garage insulated.

  • Door and Window Locks: Keep intruders out. Safety first, always.

Garage Glamour:

Give your garage a makeover with:

  • Epoxy Floor Coating: Make that concrete slab shine.

  • Threshold Magic: Seal gaps to keep the elements out.

Bright Ideas:

Light it up and power it right:

  • Fluorescent Fixtures: Illuminate your space effectively.

  • GFCI Receptacles: Safety upgrade to prevent short circuits.

Parking Perfection:

Master the art of parking:

  • Tennis Ball Trick: Hang it right for the perfect parking spot.

  • Car-Friendly Garage: Protect your car’s finish, maintain a clear center aisle, and park strategically.

Tool Time:

  • Magnetic Strips: Keep tools in check with magnetic strips in front of your workbench.

  • PVC Power: Utilize extra PVC piping for garden tools or cordless power tools.

  • Retractable Cord Reels: No more tangled extension cords. Keep it sleek and organized.

Corner Creativity:

When wall space is a premium, corners become storage gold. Corner shelves for the win.

Power Tool Hangout:

  • Power Tool Hook: Keep power tools accessible and organized with hooks.

Garage Harmony All Year:

  • Insect Defense: Keep bugs at bay with natural pesticides.

  • Kitty Litter Cleanup: Absorb spills with kitty litter and keep your workspace tidy.

  • Regular Hosing: Clean the floor to maintain that fresh look.

At least once a year, weed through your belongings and sell, donate, or toss what you don’t need.

And hey, if you ever find yourself with extra junk that needs tossing, don’t hesitate to give All In 1 Junk Removal & Demo a call. We’re here in Cincinnati, ready to help you clear out the clutter and make the most of your space!